Prompt: …as the door slammed, I knew…


I was walking down the hall when suddenly the door slammed, I knew that Maddie my younger sister had followed me. Maddie is young girl with long brown hair and in my opinion is annoying and inquisitive. I had been trying to sneak out to go to my friend’s house because she was having a party but I was grounded. Maddie and I share a room so she must have heard me leaving. Maddie comes up to me and says “Jasmine I’m gonna tell Mum and Dad that you’re sneaking out.” Maddie sang.  “Shhhh. I say back. Please Mad’s don’t tell Mum and Dad, Otherwise I’ll tell them about how you…


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Prompt: Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away. 

My most treasured item is on a silver chain with my name on it “Jacinta”. It goes around my neck. I wear it when I feel scared afraid or alone or even if I just need someone to be there with me but they can’t. I got it from my sponsor (she’s also my god sister) on the day of my confirmation. It is also a bit like a name tag for me because I am a twin and some people can’t tell me and my twin sister apart so, when I wear it it’s like a name tag.

I am a

I am a friend who cares for her mates.

I am the twin who looks after her sister.

I am the student who admires her teacher.

I am the gymnast who fly’s over the vault.

I am a chef who cooks up a storm.

I am a dancer who spins around the stage.

I am Jacinta

Charles-Homework Reflections


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I found it interesting when Ambrose mentioned that Laurie is a little kid because he plays with crayons and a seesaw.

“Laurie is a young boy because he uses crayons and a seesaw”

That’s what was on Ambrose’s blog.



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I found it interesting when Ella mentioned that she thought that Laurie wanted to fit in because I thought that he just wanted to stand out and be all-cool and wants people to like him.


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I found it interesting when Holly mentioned that Charles was the main character because I thought that Laurie was the main character considering that Charles isn’t even real

Reflection on Adaptations Project


Section 1

In Term 2 2017 we did Adaptations of Animals/Plants in Australia. Towards the end of term, we were told to do a project in a partnership my partner was http://emilyx2016.global2.vic.edu.au/ and the animal that we had to do was The Greater Bilby.

I think that we did a good job at covering most points/categories (Information Report, Annotated Diagram, Model, Experiment, Presentation and Collaborative Skills) in a Project. Something that I think we should have done when presenting is shown the class a little bit of our experiment or videoed us doing the experiment.


3 Facts I found Interesting or Surprising

  1. At six months of age the female bilby can physically breed
  2. That the bilby has many Entries and Exits to its borrows
  3. That there eye sight is not very good

2 Understandings you now have

  1. That you can be a marsupial and a mammal
  2. That the bilby can breed at a very young age (6 months)

1 Wondering you still have

  1. I still wonder if the bilbies will kill there young if they can’t get food


Section 2

The most important things I learnt were to make sure I checked in with my partner so we both knew where we were up to. I learnt this by beginning the project and not knowing what my partner was doing and my partner not knowing what I was doing. With what I have learnt about teamwork and always checking in with my partner, in the future with what I have learnt when I am doing a team project or debate or anything that involves a group. I will be sure to always check in with my group so I always know where they are up to and to tell them at the start of the project that Teamwork is always the number 1 thing that every group needs.

9 worded Poems about Animals


Black Orange

Hunt Pounce Growl

Animals Meat



Large Gray

Tusks Trunks Tail

Fruit Watermelon



Small Cute

Pink Blue Purple

Pretty Delicate



Tall Big

Legs Neck Tail

Trees Carrots



Black White

Small Short Fat

Grass Weeds



Grey Black

Whiskers Ears Flippers

Short Long



Black White

Empire Playful Energetic

Small Tall



Observant Tall

Termites Bugs Insects

Quick Fast



Black White

Sleep Eat Sleep

Plants Bamboo



Brown Dark

Tail Teeth Mane

Zebra Buffalo



Tail Pouch

Boomers Flyers Joeys

Plants Grass



Tail Tall

Hay Carrots Apples

Brown White



The video I watched today was about Recycling.

In this video, I learnt about how much rubbish was going into tips and that if we spread out all the rubbish in the tips around Victoria it would cover the whole of Victoria. Australia is the second biggest producer of rubbish in the world. Each year each Australian throws out 700kg of rubbish most of it being landfill. Rubbish can be sorted into different groups e.g., food and drink packets in one and zip lock bags and plastic cutlery in another. There are different bins that each family in Australia has. Green bin for stuff from the garden and food scraps that can be turned into compost. A yellow bin for paper, cardboard, glass and even rigid plastics this bin is used for Recyclables. Lastly, the Red bin is used for rubbish that goes to the tip. It can take up to hundreds of years for rubbish to break down in tips. Be sure that you are using containers and not rubbish e.g. glad wrap are zip lock bags.

  • What are ways that you can stop land fill?
  • How does the rubbish break down in tips?

This video gave me a better perspective/understanding on how many things go into landfill each year.


100WC-#8-Prompt: In the flash of lightening, I thought I saw

“On the high metal bar you will be doing chin ups and leg lifts.”

“Coach Beth please just tell us who the special guest is.” One of my teammates pleaded.

Then in the flash of lightening, I thought I saw Simone Biles. I thought I must have been dreaming. However, I knew that I wasn’t dreaming when Coach Beth said “Fine. The surprise visitor is Simone Biles”. She didn’t have to finish saying Biles we were all already screaming and pinching ourselves to see if it was true and we were actually going to meet the one and only Simone Biles. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


The video I watched today was about asthma.

In this video, I learnt that asthma could be very bad and may end up with you in hospital or even dying. Some other things I learnt in this video was that you are not always born with asthma and you cannot catch it from anyone. It usually runs in the family.  One in nine kids suffer from asthma. It can affect up to 2 million Australians every year. One Australian dies from asthma each year and sometimes more. Some asthma attacks can lead people into hospital. Asthma is a serious health problem in Australia. Asthma can be one of the main reasons students miss school. Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma yet.

  • How do you know when you are having an asthma attack?
  • When approximately do scientists think they will have a cure for asthma?

This video gave me a better perspective/understanding on what some kids have to put up with in there every day lives.

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