100WC-#7 Prompt: Picture

“Hey check this picture out.” Olivia said to her best friend Harper

“What is that?”

“It looks like newspaper hands holding a hamburger all made out Paper Mache.”

“Look at this its Abigail Fletcher artwork. Miss Rogers pet.”

Olivia rolled her eyes.

“Let’s get to class. I think we’ve got math’s next period. Let’s hope Abigail’s not in class today.”

However, sadly for Olivia and Harper, Abigail was there. Therefore, the girls chose to congratulate Abigail on getting her work put up around the school. Her response was “I had to pay Miss Rogers to get my work put up.”

B.T.N #4-Passing a Bill-23/08/2011


  1. Some bills don’t make it through when passing a bill
  2. If the bill goes through the House of Representatives successfully the bill moves on to the senate
  3. Government try to push more than just one bill through Parliament


  1. Why do the people change in the senate?
  2. Why is the Senate is called the senate?


  1. I wonder what it would be like if the House of Representatives was called the Senate



100WC #5-But the spot just grew and grew

“Mum I have an itchy spot on my arm. What is it?”

“Um, it looks like a mosquito bite. Go put some Stingoes on it Maya.”

“Ok Mum.”

So off I went I got some Stingoes on it.


“Hi Mum, it looks like that spot I was talking about instead of one I have around four”

“It’s like the spot just keeps on growing and growing. I’ll take you to the doctors to see.”


“It seems like it’s just Chicken Pocks. Keep applying this cream and they should go soon.” Said the doctor.

100wc #5

Prompt-5 words-Lie, Row,Fly,Chips,Sweet

As I lie in the exciting, loud park listening to some of my cool, funky music I start to feel a little bit hungry so I have a think about what I might want to eat for lunch. I decide on some Fish and Chips. I pack my things and walk down to the old boat house. I get my oars so I can row to the other side of the beach house and a little pesky fly comes out of no where and starts bugging me. When I pick up my Fish and Chips my Chips are very Sweet.


B.T.N #3-Voting Age-10/11/2015


  1. In our latest vote in Australia the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) said ‘that aproxamently 400,000 people aged 18-24ear olds didn’t vote and that is against the law
  2. You start voting when you are 18yr. but Bill Shorten says that 16 and 17yrs should start voting
  3. Some other countries have already let 16 and 17yrs vote. e.g: Brazil, Scotland, Argentina, Switzerland and Germany.


  1. Do 16 year olds want to vote or do adults want them to?
  2. Is this part of the reason we are learning about Government/Politics at School?


  1. I wonder if when I am 16 the age would have changed.



100WC #3-When the Connection Broke-Storm

I was sitting in my bedroom listening to the loud, crazy, bright storm outside my bedroom window. When suddenly there was a loud bash of thunder and lightning lighting up the sky. At first I thought “what just happened”.

Knock, knock, knock “It’s me, I’ve got a torch for you.” Said Grace’s Mother, Annie. “Oh you gave me a fright, came in. I think I’ll be needing one of those.” replied Grace in the mood ready to start an Adventure. Graces Mum came in and lit up the room with a bright torch.

B.T.N #2-Constitution


  1. A Referendum is like a vote but instead of voting for people you just vote Yes or No
  2. Australia has aproxamently 22 million people living in Australia today
  3. Australia is like huge a club or Community


  1. Why do some people see the Constitution as a Birth Certificate for Australia?
  2. Why did Australia have Referendum?


  1. I wonder what Australia would be like if we didn’t have a Constitution.



B.T.N #1-Australia Day


  1. Australia Day used to be called Foundation Day
  2. Used to be on the closest Monday to the 26th of January and in 1994 all the states decided to celebrate Australia day on the 26th of January
  3. Australia Day is a national public Holiday



  1. Why did the states of Australia decided to call Australia Day Australia Day and not leave it as Foundation Day?
  2. Why did they used to call Australia Day Foundation Day?



  1. I wonder what would have happened if the first fleet never came to Australia




100WC #3-The Grateful Statue

One early Sunday morning, I Grace was walking in the park with Mum, Dad and my little Sister Hannah, as I passed the statue of 3 men talking. I asked Mum “how old is that statue just there?” “Oh we have been here for 100 years. Can you please give us a hand were kind of, well stuck?” Grace was shocked to hear the statues talk and even more astonished that they asked for her help. “She went over to help them. They were hard to move because they were stone but all 3 of the men were very grateful.

100WC #2-Super Sam

Whoosh I can feel the wind blowing wildly against my face as I’m flying over the top Melbourne, on a mission to find a 12 year old girl named Grace who got lost from her Family. “Is that Grace right down there in tears?” whoosh down I go, “hey sweetie is your name Grace?” asked Super Sam “Yes super Sam I got lost and now I don’t know where my Family is.” Sobbed Grace. “Come with me they are at the station waiting for!” “Oh really that’s wonderful!” exclaimed Grace. All in all there were 3 happy people.