Scientific Lab Report-Chemical Science Experiment


Title: Green chewy eclipse put in lemon juice and coke

Team members: Jacinta/me

Aim: To observe which liquid will react the most when adding a green chewy eclipse out of lemon juice and coke.

Hypothesis/Prediction: I believe the coke will react more than the lemon juice because it will contain more sugar considering lemon juice only contains citrus sugar.

Materials: 1) 2 1cup beakers

  2) 2 green chewy eclipse

3) Coke-a cup

4) Lemon juice-1/2 a cup

5) 1/2 cup- measuring cup

6) 2 stop watches

7) 30cm ruler/tape measure

8) Volunteer

Method:    1) Get 2 beakers and place the beakers 30cm apart.

2) Fill one of the beakers with 1/2 a cup of coke and the other with 1/2 a   cup of lemon juice

3) (This is where you might need a volunteer) Drop your green chewy eclipse, drop it into the coke first sing your volunteer ask he or she to time how long the mixture bubbles for.  

4) Then do that all over again but instead of using coke use a 1/2 a cup of lemon juice (just remember to time it)


 Jacinta science pic

Discussion: The reason why the coke fizzed up and not the lemon juice is because the       lemon juice only has citrus sugar and the coke has real sugar.

Conclusion:  In my experiment I think that half my experiment worked how I predicted. For my coke it all bubbled up like I predicted. But for the lemon juice it didn’t really bubble up so much it was not the same as my prediction.

 Science #2 re do


Eclipse Chewy Peppermint 21 Piece Pack 27g-Coles, Date: 20/06/2016

2. Coca-Cola formula, Date: 20/06/2016,