Character Analysing

Author: Gail

Title: My Forever Home


It dosen’t really say what the character looks like but you can infer that the character is a cat from the last sentence of the story

“I hear him at the door calling for me. “Come on Sammie, here puss puss puss. Come in, it’s cold outside.” And when he arrives home every afternoon he picks me up and cuddles me. He is worth purring for.”


The characters physical attributes play a role in the story because if Sammie could not climb trees or wasn’t a cat then 90% of the story would be different. Instead of it being about a cat’s life it would probably have to be another animal’s life and that would not suit the story line/plot of the story therefore the story would not be as good. Through the story the character, itself does not really change but his home and lifestyle does change a lot as it when from being a stray cat to a very loved cat in a nice little tree house home. These changes don’t really effect the characters experience in the story but I’m sure that if the story went on that Sammie’s life would be much better then living in a tree and trying to find food for himself as now sleeps on Ethan’s bed and is given food by Ethan’s parents.


“I sleep on his bed every night and if I go outside in the cold he worries about me.”


I think that this character is a very intelligent cat, as it has to find food a shelter for the night and it finds things to do during the day. I think that this cat knows what humans mean when they mean it and why they mean it. For example

“I knew when the family all stood and looked at me that they wanted me to get inside the box. I jumped right in. Wow, I thought, I have a nice kind family. They all moved in that day.”

I feel that if that if the family had nit have adopted Sammie then he still would have survived but not as long as he would have if he had stayed as a stray cat then he probably would have died a lot earlier. In the story, I feel like Sammie learnt what the true meaning of family was and why everyone needs a family in order to survive because I feel like if Sammie had been left out there all alone that he would have died either of starvation or of loneliness.


I think that the character was feeling mixed emotions. Because at the start of the story he was feeling excited about finding a new home to live. But during the story he was begging to constantly feel hungry and lonely and just wanted a family to take him under their wing and then finally at the end of the story his wish came true because he became a huge part of the family. I think that this character feels happy about himself at the begging and end of the story but in the middle of the story he was beginning to feel sad lonely and hungry. During the story, the biggest challenge that Sammie faced was trying to find a home at the begging of the story. Some emotions that Sammie had to overcome through this experience were loneliness and hunger/thirst.


Sammie seems to bond well with the only other three characters in the story. Considering they became his forever family, he does not really get a choice to like them but it is lucky that he did like them. Sammie bonds the best with the little boy named Ethan. This character chooses Ethan because he feels that Ethan will accept him the most. In the social order, he stands as a valued family member. That is just the way that I see it and other people who have read the story might see it differently by that is my opinion.


I think that Sammie believes that he is a very smart cat and enjoys being set free but enjoys being with a family more. These beliefs are based on Sammie’s behaviour throughout the story and what he does. These beliefs effect the choices that the character makes because if he was not ready to move in with a family and was not getting sick of finding his own food then he would have had to jump into the box with family, which luckily he did do. I personally do not think anyone else in the story shares the same beliefs with him as no one else in the story had a home for the start of their life then was homeless and then had a home.

Charles-Homework Reflections


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I found it interesting when Ambrose mentioned that Laurie is a little kid because he plays with crayons and a seesaw.

“Laurie is a young boy because he uses crayons and a seesaw”

That’s what was on Ambrose’s blog.



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I found it interesting when Ella mentioned that she thought that Laurie wanted to fit in because I thought that he just wanted to stand out and be all-cool and wants people to like him.


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I found it interesting when Holly mentioned that Charles was the main character because I thought that Laurie was the main character considering that Charles isn’t even real

5 Facts of Fiction

Author: Shirley Jackson

Title: Charles


Fact #1:

I thought that the author chose all the characters in my story for a reason. For example I think that she choose Laurie to be a child how causes a lot of drama in the class room and lies to his parents about what “Charles” does when Charles isn’t even a real person. The main character is Laurie although Laurie’s Mum is the narrator of the story. Laurie’s personality is cheeky and always seems to lie even though that is not a personality it is a trait of Laurie.

Fact #2:

I think that Laurie more than anything wants to be able to have a best friend and  because I feel that the reason is so rude and mean is because he doesn’t have a best friend and no one wants to play with him because there scared that they might hurt him or get them in trouble.

Fact #3:

I think that Laurie is not successful in his plan because his Mum asked his teacher about this “Charles” kid and she said that is no kid in her class named Charles. She said these exact words

“Charles?” she said. “We don’t have any Charles in the class.”

It is also the last line of the story so it kind of leaves you hanging and you could guess multiple answers but the main answer that you would guess would be that Laurie is the child who did all the things that “Charles” did. Some obstacles my character encounter would be his Mum finding out the he is Charles and when he came late home from school he said

“On Monday Laurie came home late, full of news. “Charles!” he shouted as he came up the hill; I was waiting anxiously on the front steps. “Charles!” Laurie yelled all the way up the hill, “Charles was bad again.”

Fact #4:

You don’t know if Laure has changed as the last two lines of the story are

“Yes,” I said, laughing, “you must have your hands full with Charles.”

“Charles?” she said. “We don’t have any Charles in the class.”


Therefore, it doesn’t really say how the character has changed as a result of what has happened. The character was rude towards his family but especially his parents. He would say things rude at the dinner table like

“He came home the same way, the front door slamming open, his cap on the floor, and the voice suddenly become raucous shouting, “Isn’t anybody here?”

At dinner he spoke rudely to his father, spilled his baby sister’s milk, and remarked that his teacher said we were not to take the name of the Lord in vain. “How was school today?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

“All right,” he said.

“Did you learn anything?” his father asked. Laurie regarded his father coldly.

“I didn’t learn nothing,” he said.

“Anything,” I said. “Didn’t learn anything”

“The teacher spanked a boy, though,” Laurie said, addressing his bread and butter. “For being fresh,” he added, with his mouth full.

 “What did he do?” I asked.

 “Who was it?” Laurie thought.

“It was Charles,” he said. “He was fresh. The teacher spanked him and made him stand in a corner. He was awfully fresh.”

“What did he do?” I asked again, but Laurie slid off his chair, took a cookie, and left, while his father was still saying, “See here, young man.”


The last you hear from Laurie is

“She said it twice,” Laurie said. “Charles told her to say it twice.”

Therefore, you cannot really say what Laurie is like at the end of the story. Once again, you cannot really say that Laurie has learned anything as the last line his Mum finds out that he is Charles in the last line of the story. From reading this story, I learnt that you should always be 100% honest with your parents because I am sure Laurie would have got in a lot of trouble once his mother got home from the PTA meeting.

Fact #5:

I think that the author choose to set this story at a place where people get bullied or teased so what better place than a school. The author included a few different things characters such as Laurie, “Charles”, and his Mum, his Dad, his sister and his teacher. This world has only one disaster and it is the last line. Some good things in this world are the basics like they have a roof over the head at there is always a meal on the table and they can afford to pay for Laurie’s education. On the other hand, some of the bad things are that he lies to his parent’s e.g.


“It was Charles,” he said. “He was fresh. The teacher spanked him and made him stand in a corner. He was awfully fresh.”


Mum figure out it was a lie:

“Charles?” she said. “We don’t have any Charles in the class.”


Charles is also ungrateful and does not think about what will happen if his parents find out. He also does not think about others as he only thinks about himself. The theme for this story would be hope because he hopes that he would be ok and would fit in at school.


The video I watched today was about Recycling.

In this video, I learnt about how much rubbish was going into tips and that if we spread out all the rubbish in the tips around Victoria it would cover the whole of Victoria. Australia is the second biggest producer of rubbish in the world. Each year each Australian throws out 700kg of rubbish most of it being landfill. Rubbish can be sorted into different groups e.g., food and drink packets in one and zip lock bags and plastic cutlery in another. There are different bins that each family in Australia has. Green bin for stuff from the garden and food scraps that can be turned into compost. A yellow bin for paper, cardboard, glass and even rigid plastics this bin is used for Recyclables. Lastly, the Red bin is used for rubbish that goes to the tip. It can take up to hundreds of years for rubbish to break down in tips. Be sure that you are using containers and not rubbish e.g. glad wrap are zip lock bags.

  • What are ways that you can stop land fill?
  • How does the rubbish break down in tips?

This video gave me a better perspective/understanding on how many things go into landfill each year.



The video I watched today was about asthma.

In this video, I learnt that asthma could be very bad and may end up with you in hospital or even dying. Some other things I learnt in this video was that you are not always born with asthma and you cannot catch it from anyone. It usually runs in the family.  One in nine kids suffer from asthma. It can affect up to 2 million Australians every year. One Australian dies from asthma each year and sometimes more. Some asthma attacks can lead people into hospital. Asthma is a serious health problem in Australia. Asthma can be one of the main reasons students miss school. Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma yet.

  • How do you know when you are having an asthma attack?
  • When approximately do scientists think they will have a cure for asthma?

This video gave me a better perspective/understanding on what some kids have to put up with in there every day lives.

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BTN-#6-Screen It Competitions

The video I watched today was about a competition called Screen It.

In this video, I learnt that there is a competition called screen it. Screen it is for students to make something electronic e.g. mini movie or video game. Schools go head to head to see who can make the best mini movie. The Screen it competitions is run by Australia’s Centre of Moving Image also known as ACMI. Each year ACMI sets a different theme to be used as inspiration. This year’s theme is TIME!

  • What schools participate in Australia’s Centre of Moving Image?
  • How do you submit your video/game into ACMI?

This video gave me a better perspective of what schools around Australia do and what they offer.

BTN-#5-Dog Trainers

The video I watched today was about kids training dogs.

In this video, I learnt that there is a program called Love 4 Life it’s a school for both Dogs and People. The school gives people an education in training as well as everyday things like Numeracy and Literacy. However, for the more furry creatures they learn things like picking up the phone. Kids who attend Loves 4 Life all have a dog that they leave at the school kennels and the kids train them a few times a week. They learn to ignore all distractions even there favourite toys and any food.


  • How does the school Love 4 Life choose which dogs will be train at Love 4 Life?
  • How many hours of training do the trainers train their dogs for a week?


This video gave me a better perspective of different people’s lives.

B.T.N-#4-Police Horses

The video I watched today was about Police Horses.

In this video, it described what Police Horse do and how they are trained. I learnt that there is about 140 mountain police stations across the country. It can take up to two years for a police horse to be trained and even then, not all police horses pass the test. Once they are trained for the police force and they start in the police force they are then in the police force for about 15 to 20 years, before they are retired to pasture.

  • How does a horse get chosen for the police force?
  • How many hours of training do the horses do each week?

My understanding of this video gave me a better understanding of what police horses do.