The video I watched today was about Recycling.

In this video, I learnt about how much rubbish was going into tips and that if we spread out all the rubbish in the tips around Victoria it would cover the whole of Victoria. Australia is the second biggest producer of rubbish in the world. Each year each Australian throws out 700kg of rubbish most of it being landfill. Rubbish can be sorted into different groups e.g., food and drink packets in one and zip lock bags and plastic cutlery in another. There are different bins that each family in Australia has. Green bin for stuff from the garden and food scraps that can be turned into compost. A yellow bin for paper, cardboard, glass and even rigid plastics this bin is used for Recyclables. Lastly, the Red bin is used for rubbish that goes to the tip. It can take up to hundreds of years for rubbish to break down in tips. Be sure that you are using containers and not rubbish e.g. glad wrap are zip lock bags.

  • What are ways that you can stop land fill?
  • How does the rubbish break down in tips?

This video gave me a better perspective/understanding on how many things go into landfill each year.



The video I watched today was about asthma.

In this video, I learnt that asthma could be very bad and may end up with you in hospital or even dying. Some other things I learnt in this video was that you are not always born with asthma and you cannot catch it from anyone. It usually runs in the family.  One in nine kids suffer from asthma. It can affect up to 2 million Australians every year. One Australian dies from asthma each year and sometimes more. Some asthma attacks can lead people into hospital. Asthma is a serious health problem in Australia. Asthma can be one of the main reasons students miss school. Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma yet.

  • How do you know when you are having an asthma attack?
  • When approximately do scientists think they will have a cure for asthma?

This video gave me a better perspective/understanding on what some kids have to put up with in there every day lives.

Click here to watch the video on Asthma

BTN-#6-Screen It Competitions

The video I watched today was about a competition called Screen It.

In this video, I learnt that there is a competition called screen it. Screen it is for students to make something electronic e.g. mini movie or video game. Schools go head to head to see who can make the best mini movie. The Screen it competitions is run by Australia’s Centre of Moving Image also known as ACMI. Each year ACMI sets a different theme to be used as inspiration. This year’s theme is TIME!

  • What schools participate in Australia’s Centre of Moving Image?
  • How do you submit your video/game into ACMI?

This video gave me a better perspective of what schools around Australia do and what they offer.

100WC-#6-Prompt: Crocodile Wide Collapsed Within Orange

As I sit in my room looking at the video I must watch with a picture of animals on it, one of the animals was a crocodile.  I hate crocodiles. The video started by a cheetah sprinting across a long wide plain, but then the cheetah collapsed to the ground within just seconds. I did not know what just happened. I paused the video because I began to fell cold I walked over to my bed and picked up my nice, warm, fluffy orange blanket. I rape the warm blanket around me and slowly go back to finish the video.

BTN-#5-Dog Trainers

The video I watched today was about kids training dogs.

In this video, I learnt that there is a program called Love 4 Life it’s a school for both Dogs and People. The school gives people an education in training as well as everyday things like Numeracy and Literacy. However, for the more furry creatures they learn things like picking up the phone. Kids who attend Loves 4 Life all have a dog that they leave at the school kennels and the kids train them a few times a week. They learn to ignore all distractions even there favourite toys and any food.


  • How does the school Love 4 Life choose which dogs will be train at Love 4 Life?
  • How many hours of training do the trainers train their dogs for a week?


This video gave me a better perspective of different people’s lives.

B.T.N-#4-Police Horses

The video I watched today was about Police Horses.

In this video, it described what Police Horse do and how they are trained. I learnt that there is about 140 mountain police stations across the country. It can take up to two years for a police horse to be trained and even then, not all police horses pass the test. Once they are trained for the police force and they start in the police force they are then in the police force for about 15 to 20 years, before they are retired to pasture.

  • How does a horse get chosen for the police force?
  • How many hours of training do the horses do each week?

My understanding of this video gave me a better understanding of what police horses do.

100WC-#3-Prompt: Picture

I hear my photo arts teacher say, “This week’s project is you all have to get into groups of 3-4 and create a picture. However, the twist is you must have something photo shopped into the picture.”

Once I found my group, we began to discuss our ideas. We came up with a picture of a tree with a car in it.  We decided that ½ the group would go off and get a photo of a car, and the other ½ would go off and get a photo of a tree. Then we would put them together.

B.T.N-#3-Circus Kids


The video I watched today was about kids from Brisbane on tour for the circus school Flip Side Performances.

In this video it described what Flip Side Performances did and how they juggled everything from school to training. I learnt many things but the three main things I learnt were that Flip Side Performances only teach kids from the age of 10 through to the age of 17. The kids who are touring with the team train for around 6 hours a week. Even on tour it’s not all performing, there is also many hours of training, all the kids on the tour have to do their normal school work. When they have some spare time on tour, their tutors will have to tutor them so they can learn things like Literacy and Numeracy.

My first question is how many hours of school work do the kids on tour do a week?

My second question is how many kids are there on tour?

My understanding of this text gave me a better insight of how long people train to conquer their dreams.

If you want to watch the video about “Circus Kids” then click on the this link

B.T.N-#2-Fderation Explained

In this video I learnt alot of things but today im just going to share two of them. In 1642 Dutch Explorer Able Tasmin stumbled across Tasmania if he stuck around we might be all seaking dutch. What we now call Australia wasnt clamied until 1770 when captain James Cook clamied a big chunk for great britten but it didn’t became Australia until alot later. By the 1850’s there were 6 colonies were like 6 different countries except that great Britten was incharge of them all. Eventually the colonies started to think about joining together to make 1 country. But they were still unsure of eack other. By July the 9th, 1900 Great Britten agreed to let the coloines go.

Why didn’t the coloines join together from the begining?
Why did it take so long for Australia to start up as 1 big country?

I wonder why Explorer Able Tasmin didn’t stay in Tasmania

Click here to watch the Video

B.T.N #2 Suds + Thompson’s Story

The video that I watched today was about how Suds­ (a soldier) died as a prisoner. I learnt a lot in this text but today I don’t have time to share with you everything I leant so here’s just three of the things I learnt in the text. Private Suds and Private Thompson (soldiers) take a piece of cloth from someone but really they were stealing a piece of History. In fact they wanted to get caught because they thought that convicts had a better life then they did. Suds and Thompson wanted to be a convict because they reckon assigned hours, agreed rates of pay and when they have done there time they can even apply for land grants. But instead the governor decides to give these two a different punishment. Chains. Iron chains are torturing to anybody who must where them. Prisoners cannot stand or walk properly. Suds was really ill. His taken to prison hospital where chain are taken off him. Five days later he dies in agony. Whole affair decides to be forgotten. Until WC Wentworth decides to bring the topic back up again and make a big deal out of it. Someone from WC Wentworth says “it is one thing or the governor to release this sentence but to increase it that’s unheard of. The governor has exceed his limits.”


How long was Thompson’s sentence?

Why did the governor decide to give Suds and Thompson a different punishment to everybody else?


I wonder how long Suds knew he was ill for.