Prompt:  …the tiger was blocking our escape…


I moved closer to my Mother and her long curly mane. I knew I had to stay close to her if we both wanted to survive. We were trapped. The tiger was blocking our escape. We had to some how get out. But the question was, how? My mother ushered for me to move slowly and calmly to the corner of the den we were in and as far away from the tiger as possible. And so the fight began between the tiger and the Lion. The king of the Jungle and queen of the jungle.



Prompt: …as the door slammed, I knew…


I was walking down the hall when suddenly the door slammed, I knew that Maddie my younger sister had followed me. Maddie is young girl with long brown hair and in my opinion is annoying and inquisitive. I had been trying to sneak out to go to my friend’s house because she was having a party but I was grounded. Maddie and I share a room so she must have heard me leaving. Maddie comes up to me and says “Jasmine I’m gonna tell Mum and Dad that you’re sneaking out.” Maddie sang.  “Shhhh. I say back. Please Mad’s don’t tell Mum and Dad, Otherwise I’ll tell them about how you…


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Prompt: Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away. 

My most treasured item is on a silver chain with my name on it “Jacinta”. It goes around my neck. I wear it when I feel scared afraid or alone or even if I just need someone to be there with me but they can’t. I got it from my sponsor (she’s also my god sister) on the day of my confirmation. It is also a bit like a name tag for me because I am a twin and some people can’t tell me and my twin sister apart so, when I wear it it’s like a name tag.


Prompt:  …so, what lies ahead of…


My 4 friends and I were walking to school together just like we did every day together. Until we came to an utter stop. My oldest friend Kenny walled forward and told us to say behind while she checked what was lying in front of us. Today we were also walking with Kenny’s younger sister Maddy. Maddy then said, “So, what lies ahead of us. I’m scared what is it?” she said. Kenny came back and said, “It’s just a dead possum lets walk across the road and walk from that side of the road instead.”

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I knew today was going just too well. I could just feel that on my way home I would find something just a little bit, well peculiar. And of course, I did. Two rather large footprints in the grass. I compared it with my foot and the footprints in the grass were at least three or four times bigger than my foot. I text my Mum and she came and found where I was she had a look and did not think anything of it so I went home with here. The next day the monster was in our yard.

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100WC-#12-Prompt: then suddenly it went black

Then suddenly it went black. I could not see anything. I could not even see my own thoughts I had even forgotten what everything looked like and what colors actually looked like. I began to cry I called my Mum over and told what had happened. She immediately called an ambulance and the paramedics loaded me into the ambulance at this stage I still could not see a thing. The only way I knew what was happening was because I could still hear everything around me. I remember getting to the hospital and the doctors saying to “You are blind”.


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As we begin to speed across the water, I begin to feel sick when all of a sudden my friend (Madison) yells out “Hey look I can see the seals. They are white and look fluffy!” She exclaimed. We all looked to try to see them. After I saw them, I began to feel sick again and I threw up right into the ocean. Who would have known that white seals are attracted to vomit? After I threw up in the water all the seals swam over to the boat and began eating my vomit. We all thought that it was gross.

100WC-#10-Prompt-Scarlet, Cushion, Annoying, Watered, Violin

As I go to sit down on a pretty, soft, scarlet cushion, my Mum says to me “Clara, what do you think you’re doing?”

I look at her and say, “I’m taking a break. After all I’ve finished my homework, watered the plants and played with annoying little Tommy. What more do you want me to do?” I asked beginning to get angry with her.

“You have band tomorrow and band camp on Tuesday.” At this stage of our conversation, I could tell what she was going to ask me. “Maybe you could practice your Violin.”

Therefore, I got up picked up my instrument and began playing a little tune.

100WC-#9-Prompt: …but then the flash made me…

“Ok all of Claire Thomas’ family please come over here to get your photo taken,” The photographer said after all of us had been waiting in the line for almost one hour.

I am Claire’s cousin. My name is Jade Thomas. I am 13 and currently I am at my cousin Claire’s deb. I am here with my immediate family and the rest of my cousins on my Mum’s side.

As we go up to get our photo taken the photographer puts as all into positions. But then the flash made me jump right in the middle of my cousin Claire’s Deb Family photo.

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