Prompt: …as the door slammed, I knew…


I was walking down the hall when suddenly the door slammed, I knew that Maddie my younger sister had followed me. Maddie is young girl with long brown hair and in my opinion is annoying and inquisitive. I had been trying to sneak out to go to my friend’s house because she was having a party but I was grounded. Maddie and I share a room so she must have heard me leaving. Maddie comes up to me and says “Jasmine I’m gonna tell Mum and Dad that you’re sneaking out.” Maddie sang.  “Shhhh. I say back. Please Mad’s don’t tell Mum and Dad, Otherwise I’ll tell them about how you…


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One thought on “100WC-#17

  1. Hi Jacinta,
    I really like this 100 Word Challenge because it left me thinking what Maddie did and if you ended up going too the party or not. Good Job!

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