Read like a Reader

Author: William Hugel

Title: Little Ania


I predicted that Little Ania was going to be a very difficult child. To me there was definitely many different things in that story that surprised me. For example

“She opened up a tall closet door. Inside was chock full of lampshades and flower pots. Her mother ate up two lampshades and two flower pots, then got on her broomstick. She flew towards the window- and came face to face with Little Ania.” 

I did not expect that Little Ania’s Mum was like her.


This book reminded me of another book I am reading called “The Bubble Boy”. Because there both based in a hospital. When I was reading this story I was visualizing it in my parents room and in the same hospital as “The Bubble Boy”.


In this story, I inferred that Ania at some stages in her life got annoyed and even some days hated her Mum. I also feel like Ania never wanted to do anything unless she wanted to do it.


When I was reading this story, I personally did not have many questions although I was wondering what caused Ania to be the way she is. I also had another question even though I know that it is just a story how was that man still alive after so many years.


When reading this I felt very connected to the story and the language was very good as I felt like I was a part of the story and I was just standing there watching the entire story watching what was going on. The part of the story that I felt most connected to was when Ania said

“I’m never going to be a normal little girl so I’m just going to die now.”

I felt connected to the story because it was sad.


I thought that “Little Ania” was a well written story. Although I personally didn’t really like it as I am more interested in books about animals, adventure and sad stories not so much books like “Little Ania”. To me the concept of the story was a little bit childish for my liking.

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  1. Hey Jacinta, I think it was a good idea to include the author of the story in this blog post. I completely forgot to do so myself, and I don’t think I’ve read a post from another kid who did include the author. Good work!

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