100WC-#3-Prompt: Picture

I hear my photo arts teacher say, “This week’s project is you all have to get into groups of 3-4 and create a picture. However, the twist is you must have something photo shopped into the picture.”

Once I found my group, we began to discuss our ideas. We came up with a picture of a tree with a car in it.  We decided that ½ the group would go off and get a photo of a car, and the other ½ would go off and get a photo of a tree. Then we would put them together.

B.T.N-#3-Circus Kids


The video I watched today was about kids from Brisbane on tour for the circus school Flip Side Performances.

In this video it described what Flip Side Performances did and how they juggled everything from school to training. I learnt many things but the three main things I learnt were that Flip Side Performances only teach kids from the age of 10 through to the age of 17. The kids who are touring with the team train for around 6 hours a week. Even on tour it’s not all performing, there is also many hours of training, all the kids on the tour have to do their normal school work. When they have some spare time on tour, their tutors will have to tutor them so they can learn things like Literacy and Numeracy.

My first question is how many hours of school work do the kids on tour do a week?

My second question is how many kids are there on tour?

My understanding of this text gave me a better insight of how long people train to conquer their dreams.

If you want to watch the video about “Circus Kids” then click on the this link

100WC-#2 Prompt: Picture


I stand there looking straight ahead not knowing what to think or do. A family comes up behind me. Three people from the family are through. There is just a girl who looks a little younger than me, a boy who looks my age and their Mother. The mother said “Is it your first time going through the wall?”

“Ur, yes.” I replied.

“It’s also Jessica and Matthews first time going through the wall. Would you like me to help you?”

“Yes please, and by the way my name is Jacob.”

So the four all went through together holding hands.