100WC-#2-Prompt: Hard, Beautiful, Camera, Brown, Worried

As I ran down the dark, dirty, scary alleyway away from the police I had I feeling there was no way out of the mess I had myself into because the alley way was a dead end. I ran hoping I was in a movie and the wall in front of me was going to be like the platform 9 ¾ in Harry Potter and so I ran straight into the hard, brown brick wall. The police grabbed me and put me straight into their car. I saw a camera sitting on the dashboard. I am sure I had the most worried expression on my face. When the cops were taking me through the jail, I saw one beautiful young lady.

100WC #2 Promt: But how can something so tiny

“But how can something so tiny manage to do what it can do” Of course it was no one else other than Hannah. It was her new phone she got she couldn’t belive that it could do all the things that it could because she can take a clear picture of herself and what’s infont of her, she could play games on it, she could watch videos and she could do her homework on it.  At school she bragged in front of the entire class. Evan Mr. Cluff was even impressed and he is hard to impress. I was so jealous.

B.T.N-#2-Fderation Explained

In this video I learnt alot of things but today im just going to share two of them. In 1642 Dutch Explorer Able Tasmin stumbled across Tasmania if he stuck around we might be all seaking dutch. What we now call Australia wasnt clamied until 1770 when captain James Cook clamied a big chunk for great britten but it didn’t became Australia until alot later. By the 1850’s there were 6 colonies were like 6 different countries except that great Britten was incharge of them all. Eventually the colonies started to think about joining together to make 1 country. But they were still unsure of eack other. By July the 9th, 1900 Great Britten agreed to let the coloines go.

Why didn’t the coloines join together from the begining?
Why did it take so long for Australia to start up as 1 big country?

I wonder why Explorer Able Tasmin didn’t stay in Tasmania

Click here to watch the Video

100WC #1 2017

Prompt: …so that is why I am always last…


“So that is why I am always last?” I said, confused at what she had just told to me. “Georgie, don’t go talk to her you know that every time you try and talk to her she end up doing something to you. Remember last week she scratched a key down the back of your neck?”

“Yes, I remember but what are you going to say: Hi Olivia Georgie has sent me to tell you that she knows about how you have been making me lose all the athletics races.”

“No, my advice is you should go and tell a teacher and explain it to the teacher.”

B.T.N #2 Suds + Thompson’s Story

The video that I watched today was about how Suds­ (a soldier) died as a prisoner. I learnt a lot in this text but today I don’t have time to share with you everything I leant so here’s just three of the things I learnt in the text. Private Suds and Private Thompson (soldiers) take a piece of cloth from someone but really they were stealing a piece of History. In fact they wanted to get caught because they thought that convicts had a better life then they did. Suds and Thompson wanted to be a convict because they reckon assigned hours, agreed rates of pay and when they have done there time they can even apply for land grants. But instead the governor decides to give these two a different punishment. Chains. Iron chains are torturing to anybody who must where them. Prisoners cannot stand or walk properly. Suds was really ill. His taken to prison hospital where chain are taken off him. Five days later he dies in agony. Whole affair decides to be forgotten. Until WC Wentworth decides to bring the topic back up again and make a big deal out of it. Someone from WC Wentworth says “it is one thing or the governor to release this sentence but to increase it that’s unheard of. The governor has exceed his limits.”


How long was Thompson’s sentence?

Why did the governor decide to give Suds and Thompson a different punishment to everybody else?


I wonder how long Suds knew he was ill for.

Two BTN’s: First Fleet-Aborigines and white Men view

BTN no. 1

This first video was about the Aborigines view of the white peoples view of taking over there land.

In the video, there was an indigenes girl and she did not even know what a cow was. She was unsure of the creature and when she was telling her elder, she described the animal as a fat, four-legged monster that eat the ground. The girl did not know who the white people were and she and her Nanna called them ghost people and boat people. Her Nanna even called the stupid.

To watch the video about the Aborigines view click on the link below



BTN no. 2

This second video was about the white view of the white people view of taking over Australia as there land.

In this video it described what the white people thought about all this and why they did it. Back in London in the 1700’s, all the jails were full of people who had just stolen one sometimes two things to help themselves and sometimes others survive. The city was full of crime. There were even kids in jail poor, hungry and unwanted. England’s laws were very harsh at the time. Stealing something could lead to being hung. As they could not hang, everyone and jails were full. England had found themselves a bit of a curve. Britten had colonies in America and Africa where they would send the criminals. Until America fought and said, “No more Britten criminals will come onto our land.”

Therefore, the Britten government had to find somewhere new. It just so happened that it was at the same time as Captain Cook had discovered Australia. So the white people decided that that would be a good place to send there criminals. It toke a period of seven hears to travel to New South Wales. Eleven ships went to New South Wales- 6-transport convicts, 2-Navy Ships and 3-Food & Supply. In the seven years that they traveled to New South Wales, they had to follow a certain route and this was the route:

Departure: Portsmouth: 13 May 1787

Rio de Janeiro: 5 August 1787

Cape of Good-Africa

Arrive: New South Wales: 19 January 1788-1st ships in Botany Bay

Captain Author Phillip led the colony and he knew it was a big job.

The land had been home to aborigines for tens of thousands of years. To the convicts it was new, strange and harsh.

To watch the video about the White Peoples view click on the link below