Letter to Senada (All about me 2017)

Hi Senada,

My name is Jacinta. I do a few of things outside of school. They are Dance, Gymnastics and Tennis. I have been doing Dance for 7 years (since I was 3). I have been to two dance schools in 7 years. I have been doing gymnastics for 6 years (since I was 4). In addition, I have been doing tennis for 5 years (so since I was 5). I enjoy all three of these things. One thing I like to do at home for fun is baking. I love to bake things like cupcakes and cakes. Every year for my birthday, I make my birthday cake with my mum’s assistance.

On the holidays, I did a lot but I will just share three of my favorite things I did. The first thing I did was I went up to Moama for my cousins 19th birthday on Boxing Day. They were camping down near the Murray River at a place called Picnic Point. We went down there for the day. We floated down a small part of the river probably around 50 meters.

The second thing I did for a lot of the holidays is I spent a lot of time with my cousin. Mia she’s 9 turning 10 this year. We stayed at her house for around 1 week, at my grandmas for two nights and my house for 2 nights. They also live near the Murray River. We have a lot of FUN together.

The third thing I did on the holidays was I went down to McRae for 1 night with some friends from school. They were staying at the caravan park so all we had to do to get to the beach was walk across the other side of the caravan park, which only took about 3-6 minutes.

On the holidays I watched a lot of movies. They were Red Dog: True Blue, Middle School, Sing and Ballerina. My favorite movie that I watched on the holidays would have to be either Middle School or Ballerina. I also watched Kooza Cirque Du Soleil It was outstanding but unfortunately, the contortionist’s were not performing that night.

I have a family of six including my two dogs. They are Border collie cross. My parents do not exactly know what there crossed. However, they are 11 years old turning 12 this year. There Birthday is the 6/4/2005. They are getting old. Their names are Buster and Jed. Jed is the oldest in the litter and Busters the youngest. I live with my Mum my Dad and my twin sister Ebony.

Some of the things I am good at are social skills, art, P.E/sport, comprehension, and reading. I would also like to improve a bit more in my reading, as I want to be the best I can be. Other things I know I have room to improve in would have to be, my mathematic skills, Italian, writing, having a bit more confidence to just give it a go. My goal for 2017 is, to gain more confidence.

This is my last year at Primary school. However, I am super excited for year seven.

As you may not know my dad was born in Australia, but his parents were both born in Malta, along with is step Mum. Malta is a small country at the bottom of Italy and next to Sicily, the capital of Malta is Valletta. All of dad’s relatives still live in Malta. In the past 10 years, he has only seen them 3 times.

On the other hand, Mum was born in Australia as well as her Mum and Dad, except her Papa (Mums Grand Dad) was born in Wales in the U.K. However Mums great Aunt and my great, great Aunt turned 100 years old in 2015, last time I saw her she showed me her letter from the queen and governor general of Australia and his wife Lynne. She is now 102 years old.

Christmas would probably have been one of the best things on the holiday. We started the day by opening all of our awesome presents, followed by getting ready to go to my Dads Dad and step Mum’s house for Christmas Lunch. It was DELICIOUS!


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  1. I enjoyed reading your letter Jacinta and learning more about you. It sounded like you had a great summer holiday. I ennoy making cakes too. What is your favourite cake?

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