James Journey-Narrative

A little boy sat curled up cold, sad, scared and unwanted in between 2 large garbage bins, a thick piece of cardboard above his head. Everything he owned was sitting in front of him. As he guarded everything he had with dear life.

The alley way lit up for a split second, water was coming all around him and then the poor little boy jumped with freight he heard a big bang. He felt a few drops of water dripping on him. The card board had gone soggy. So he lifts his jacket over his head. When he was sitting trying to sleep he was thinking that is the storm had stopped by the morning he would go and try to find an orphanage. To live and grow up in.

He awoke early the next morning and remembered his thought from the night before. He put his very few things in his small bag. He then went up to a man and asked him “where’s the closest orphanage?” The man didn’t reply he just pointed across the road. There was a big sign ‘Orphanage for Children’. ‘Thank you so much’ the little boy replied gratefully.

He walked across the road and up the stairs, he heaved open the big heavy door to the orphanage. He walked over to the front desk and said to the lady “Hello my name is James. I don’t have any parents. Do you think I could live here?” He didn’t say it confidently he said it reversely. The lady replied “It should be fine I’ll just have to check with the manager”.   She replied.

I was beginning to feel exited.

The lady returned about five minutes later with another lady by her side. The manager, Larissa. Larissa introduced herself and so did James. Larissa then handed James a sheet of paper to fill out. She pointed to a table and chairs near the desk so James could fill out his sheet.

He headed over there to fill out the form. James had almost finished filling out the sheet there was just one thing he hadn’t, the last question, Parents Signatures. He didn’t have any parents because he wouldn’t be here if he did have parents. He went up to the front desk and said “I don’t have any parents so I can’t fill out the last question.” The lady sitting at the desk was now the manager. She lifted her head when James approached her. He explained what was wrong and why couldn’t get his parents signatures. Larissa replied “do you have a guardian that could take the place as a parent?”

“No Larissa, I don’t know anyone who has cared for me and given me a somewhere to live. I’ve been living in between garbage bins or in the street. I’ve never had a home, or a family.”

After a few minutes of silence Larissa said “Do you know any adults that could sign instead.”

James began to think he then said “I do know an adult that could sign instead”.

“Great” Larissa responded.

As James was leaving he said “Oh, and by the way this adults name is Sabrina.”

“I’ve just got one quick question before you leave. How do you know her?”

“Before I came here every Wednesday I would go sit on the doorstep of the bakery and Sabrina one of the waitresses was always kind enough to give a roll or something like that to me.”

“Oh” Larissa said “Well then you better go and get her signature.”
James went out the door of the orphanage down the steps and onto the foot path. He headed straight for the bakery just down the street. It was Wednesday and around the time he would usually go and see Sabrina. He walked in with the sheet of paper in his hands. James found Sabrina and asked if she could sign the form for him.

She asked what it was for so James everything.  She signed happily. Sabrina gave James a croissant and said goodbye. He left with the signature very thankful and happy. He went straight to the orphanage from the bakery.

When he arrived at the orphanage he went up to Larissa and said “I’ve finally got the signature”. As he was saying this he handed the sheet over the desk and to Larissa. She looked at the form and said, “Well you did what you were asked to do. Well done.” We’ve made you a bed and closest. Follow me to your room where all the other all the other five to seven boys sleep.”

James followed Larissa to the room, he put his bag down on the by the side of the bed and jumped on the bed. There was one other boy in the room at that time. Larissa called him over to then. She then said, “Luka I would like you to meet James. James will be sleeping in hear with you and the other boys. Do you think you could look after James for me?”

“Yes Miss Miller I would like to do that. Does he do the same classes as me?”

Everyone who lived there called Larissa Miss Miller.

Miss Miller replied to Luka “Yes he will be doing the same classes as you considering he is the same age as you. But today you’re not giving to finish your classes you’re going to give James a tour of the orphanage. I will talk to your teachers about it. When the lunch bell goes go to lunch with the kids. Understand?”

“Yes Miss Miller.”

Luka took James around the orphanage showed him things and told James about himself and James told Luka about himself. James liked Luka he thought they could become good friends.

When the lunch bell rang Luka brought James to the kitchen and James collected his lunch and went outside to eat with all the other kids. Luka introduced him to all the girls and boys at the orphanage.

That night when all the boys got into bed James began think of his journey that he had had that day. He was very thankful he wasn’t homeless anymore.



Vault is one of the four apparatus that female and male gymnastics use. There are different types of vault junior, intermediate and senior vault. Junior vault is just mats and a mini trampoline. Intermediate vault is like the senior vault but no pole (box holds up the vault), therefore senior vault has a pole to hold the actual vault up. You can even flip off it! The huge part of gymnastics.


Reflecting on Coding Lesson


What do I want to learn about more:I want to learn more about how computers and technology works for example how many parts do you use to create an computer and how they were put it together.


Confuses or excites: I really enjoyed the robot activity considering I didn’t get time to do the other activities. I got confused when we had to do an activity when someone had to guide me show me where to go and what to do by telling me where to go. If one of us was facing one way and the other one of us was facing the other way and one of us said turn 90° to the left I would turn 90° to the right.


How can we improve coding at MPPS: I personally think that there should be a optional club running during lunchtime with a teacher teaching them advanced coding. I think that you should be in partners with someone who knows a lot then someone who knows very little.