BTN-Cyclone Yasi


Fact 1:  Cyclone Yasi was category 5.

Fact 2: Cyclone Yasi winds were 285km/hr.

Fact 3: Houses in north Queensland and other cyclone prone areas have to  build the houses stronger.


Question 1: What is the most likely place for a cyclone to happen?

Question  2: How many cyclones have hit north Queensland?


Wondering 1: I wonder what it would be like if my home was hit by a cyclone.

This is the Link to the Video


B.T.N #20


1- SpaceX’s plan to colonize Mars, explained

2- How SpaceX Will Enable Interplanetary Civilization

3- The SpaceX Mars Announcement: Everything You Need To Know | Answers With Joe

Today I watched three videos they were all about spaceX trying to get people to Mars. I learnt lots of different facts but I’m just going share 3 one from each video.


To get to Mars you need: A space ship to carry 100 or more people to Mars and 450 tond of cargo to Mars. SpaceX delivers cargo to international space stations then lands reusable rocket stations in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for the rockets to land on.  Elon Musk’s ultimate goal is to get one million people living on mars.


What is Methane?

How big in width and height is the rocket that spaceX is taking to Mars?


I wonder what would happen if Elon Musk’s plans didn’t go as planned.