B.T.N #19-Space Rock-26/07/2013

I watched an article today called The Space Rock I learnt lots of different facts but I’m just going share 3 today.

Around 26/07/2013 a massive meteoroid explosion over Russia. It came on the same day that an asteroid came really close to earth. It passed earth safely but when it exploded in the air it still damaged buildings under where it exploded, it smashed windows and gave a few humans minor injuries.

Comets are chunks of ice and dust which came from the cold outer parts of the solar system. When they get close to the sun they melt and give off gas that we see as a spectacular glowing trail. Asteroids are usually made of rock or metal. Tens of thousands of them lie in an area called the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter but some travel closer to Earth. Meteoroids are smaller chunks of asteroids and millions of them enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day. If you’ve ever seen a shooting star, that’s a meteor. Most of them burn up pretty quickly as they hit the atmosphere.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened in Russia it had also happened in 1908 Tunguska nothing hit the ground but the force knocked down kilometres of trees

What was the time difference between the meteoroid and asteroid?

How big was the Metroid?

I wonder how often major collisions with the earth and asteroids are.

B.T.N #18-The Ancient Study of Astronomy

I watched an article today called The Ancient Study of Astronomy I learnt lots of different facts but I’m just going share 3 today.


The Ancient Times wonderings were as interested as modern peoples wonderings about stars.

Ancient Greeks, Babylon and Maya (Mi-a) All considered or discovered a big part in Astronomy.  Ancient Greeks: The term Ancient Greek 800 B.C. and 500 B.C.—a relatively sophisticated period in world history. Babylon: A city-state that was located near modern Baghdad. Maya (Mi-a): A group of Mesoamerican Indians.

The Mayas were fascinated by Astronomy but because the Spanish burnt their books we don’t know exactly what they discovered.


Why did they Spanish burn the Maya books?

How did the Ancient Greeks, Babylon and Maya figure all the information out if they didn’t have all the technology we have today?


I wonder why the Ancient Greeks, Babylon and Maya were so interested in Astronomy.

Goals and Reflections for Semester 2


Here are some goals I have for the future (Goals for Semester 2):For semester 2 my goals are to learn all of my times tables off by heart, to help me in maths in school. How I am going to do this is by asking my Mum and Dad to help me with them. Another thing I need to practise is organising when to do what homework when I have the right time. How I could do this is I could reward myself with something like more screen time if I finish all my homework by Thursday, then I would be able to get the reward. My last goal is to learn long multiplication.

Here’s my reflection on how I went achieving them:

This Semester I feel I have achieved almost all of my goals. I feel that I have almost achieved my first goal I now know 85%. How I achieved this goal was Mum  would test me on my Times Tables before and after school  and at random times of the day. I feel that I have achieved my second goal the most because on Monday I do my B.T.N, Thursday I do my HOTmaths and 100WC. I feel that long multiplication is still to hard for me.