B.T.N-#17-Cyclones 8/02/2011

You might know that know that Queensland had a cyclone back in 2011 it was in category 5 cyclone it was called Yasi and today I am going to persuade you that cyclone Yasi was one of Australia’s worst cyclones.

Cyclone Yasi killed up to 400 people, ruined towns and wiped out properties. That has to be one of the worst cyclones recorded in history of Australia. That’s why I strongly believe that cyclone Yasi is Australia’s worst cyclone.

Now I hope you agree with me that cyclone Yasi is Australia’s worst cyclone

100WC-#20-prompt: Flamingo, Black, Extraordinary, Poke, Underneath

As I was walking towards the statue part of the zoo I saw at the Flamingo but it wasn’t pink like most flamingos it was black I thought it was most extraordinary. The lady who worked at the shop came out said “Fell free to poke about and look underneath at the flamingo. If you would like to ask me any questions I’m all yours.”

“Am I was just wondering why did the artist paint the flamingo black instead of Pink.” I asked

“Great question. The artist Adam Fenton was actully colour blind so painted it black instead of pink.”

B.T.N-#16-Volcanoes 9/03/2010

You might know that know that there are some people in the world live next to a volcano. I am going to persuade you that living next to a volcano is a bad idea.

Firstly living next to a volcano can be dangerous because if you live next to a volcano and people say that it’s just extinct well that just means that it hasn’t erupt for long time. It could erupt any time. Therefore it will be very dangerous.  So my advice is don’t live next to a volcano.

Now I hope you agree with me that you shouldn’t live near a volcano because it could erupt and damage your homes and properties and you could be injured.

Canberra Camp Response-Clash of Clans

The name of the camp that the 5/6’s went to was called Green hills Conference Center. On Tuesday we all participated in a program called Clash of Clans. It was all about teamwork. We were split into three groups: 5/6A, 5/6B and 5/6C (our home groups). Once in our three groups we were split once again. My favourite activity that we did was the knots. We had to try and get through all the knots as a team, but we couldn’t take our harnesses off.

Canberra Camp Response-Voting with Fruits

I listened to our instructor she was telling us what we were going to do today she “You will vote”. It was time. She taught us how to vote. She chose 2 people to hand out the voting sheets of paper that we vote on, she chose Anna and Phoebe. The 4 fruits we had to choose from were apple, orange, peach and banana. After that she chose 8 more people 4 kids to count the vote and the other 4 had to look over us. We counted up all the votes and in the end apple won.

100WC-#19-prompt: …as I stared into the water it began to turn green…

As I was walking towards the swimming pool when my best friend Paige came up to me and said “Come on hurry up were all waiting for you”.

We walked in to the pool and as I stared into the water it began to turn green I was shocked I didn’t know what to think or expect. My coach Mr. Campbell said “come on we have to begin swimming. What are you all waiting for”?

We all walked over to where Mr. Campbell was. Get in to the lap pool the cleaners are sorting out the green play pool”.

B.T.N-#16-Earthquakes 9/03/2010

You might know that know that in 2010 Haiti had and earthquake. Around 250,000 people were killed and even more were injured and then one month later Chilli had an earthquake. I think that the one in Haiti was worse than the one in Chili.

The earthquake was worse in Haiti because Haiti is a pour country compared to Chili. Chili gets money to build stronger buildings considering that are right next to two tectonic plates. But Haiti rarely ever gets any earthquakes so they aren’t really all that prepared.

What do you think is more important, money or people’s lives? Well money is actually more important if you’re thinking about an earthquake because you have to pay to build and re-build buildings and some people would have to pay if they got injured in an earthquake and had to go to hospital.

The Now I hope you agree with me that the earthquake in Haiti was worse than the one in Chili.

100 Word Challenge-#17-prompt: …but how would I know…

I was walking through the house when I heard something smashing. I ran ready to fight anything or anyone. Mum and my twin brother Max were already standing there amazed at what had just happened.

Mum asked us both this question “Did you do this?”

We both replied  “no”

“Well do you know who did this or how it happened?”

I replied before Max “No sorry mum” But how would I know I was only seven?

Max had a totally different answer “Um, I think it might have just been the wind, the window is open and it is windy”.