BTN-#15-Deadly Earthquakes hit New Zealand

You might know that know New Zealand is having some bad earthquakes lately well the reason for those are New Zealand is built on top of Tectonic Plate.

Firstly New Zealand is on top of tectonic plates which means there could be an earthquake any time of day every day. Another reason why it was a bad idea is because New Zealand is such a pretty place.

Now I hope you agree with me that the people who built New Zealand must not have been thinking because ow there could be an earthquake any time.

100WC-#17-prompt: Picture

I was walking in the pitch black forest looking for a place to sleep for the night. All I could see about 150 meters in front of me was a bright, long, yellow strip. As I ran up to the yellow strip I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was wrong it wasn’t yellow things it was about a million tiny little fireflies. I thought it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. I found a nice little spot to set up where I could sleep that night. As I began to set up my sleeping area, all the fireflies came around me to keep me warm for the night. 

100WC #17

BTN-#14-Seed Bank

I know that the seed bank in the Arctic is a great idea, and I know it is most definitely not a waste of money.

Natural Disaster, outbreak of disease, climate change or even war, and any of those things happened and wiped out a bunch of different plants that were really rare they could go just like that, but if we there were some seeds stored safely away deep in the Arctic then you can go and get some seeds from the seed bank and safely replant them. So that’s just one reason why the seed bank is not a waste of money.

Now I hope you agree with me that the seed bank deep in the Arctic is a great idea, and not a waste of money.

Fun Fact:

A few of the countries are Brazil, Mexico, India, Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan and Australia

Link for the Vidio

BTN-#13-Rookie Report Leaders

If I was old enough to vote then personally I would vote for Richard Di Natale the leader of the Greens. If you disagree with me and think that it should be a different leader I will change your mind.

My first reason why I support The Greens is mainly because of how much The Greens support the environment. The Greens stand up to global warming, endangered animals and they support the Great Barrier Reef.

My second and final reason why you should defiantly vote for The Greens party is because the greens support sexual marriage because they that “love is love and you shouldn’t interfere with love.” That is very true.

Now I hope you agree with me that The Greens and Richard Di Natale are the better party.

100WC-#16-prompt: Sunshine, Ice, Frightened, Purple, Flew

I woke up from along sleep in my new purple and blue pyjamas just as a beautiful little blue bird flew past my window. It looked really frightened and then I knew why a big bunch of big brown birds flew strait past my large window. The sunshine looked gorgeous with all the different shades like blue and purple behind all the birds. I went down stairs to my kitchen and poured myself a cold refreshing glass of water with ice it was very refreshing on a hot summer’s day like today.