Scientific Lab Report-Chemical Science Experiment


Title: Green chewy eclipse put in lemon juice and coke

Team members: Jacinta/me

Aim: To observe which liquid will react the most when adding a green chewy eclipse out of lemon juice and coke.

Hypothesis/Prediction: I believe the coke will react more than the lemon juice because it will contain more sugar considering lemon juice only contains citrus sugar.

Materials: 1) 2 1cup beakers

  2) 2 green chewy eclipse

3) Coke-a cup

4) Lemon juice-1/2 a cup

5) 1/2 cup- measuring cup

6) 2 stop watches

7) 30cm ruler/tape measure

8) Volunteer

Method:    1) Get 2 beakers and place the beakers 30cm apart.

2) Fill one of the beakers with 1/2 a cup of coke and the other with 1/2 a   cup of lemon juice

3) (This is where you might need a volunteer) Drop your green chewy eclipse, drop it into the coke first sing your volunteer ask he or she to time how long the mixture bubbles for.  

4) Then do that all over again but instead of using coke use a 1/2 a cup of lemon juice (just remember to time it)


 Jacinta science pic

Discussion: The reason why the coke fizzed up and not the lemon juice is because the       lemon juice only has citrus sugar and the coke has real sugar.

Conclusion:  In my experiment I think that half my experiment worked how I predicted. For my coke it all bubbled up like I predicted. But for the lemon juice it didn’t really bubble up so much it was not the same as my prediction.

 Science #2 re do


Eclipse Chewy Peppermint 21 Piece Pack 27g-Coles, Date: 20/06/2016

2. Coca-Cola formula, Date: 20/06/2016,

100WC-#15-prompt: Violin, Eaten, Yellow, Airplane, Swept

I woke up from along sleep in my new yellow, purple, pink and blue pyjamas ready to go to the airport and get on the airplane all I had to do was pack violin and my new yellow, purple, pink and blue pyjamas and get something to eat at the airport considering I hadn’t eaten any breakfast yet. I was starving my tummy wouldn’t stop grumbling. When we finally arrived at the airport after a long drive we boarded the plane just before it swept of the ground. I was so excited.

BTN-#12 Animal Testing-14/05/2013

I agree that animals testing is bad so I am happy that it is now band. So you think animal testing is bad? Do you agree or disagree with this?

In this B.T.N video it was about how people test make-up on animals. I disagree that people test make-up on animals for these reasons. Firstly if you test the make-up on the animals and it goes badly wrong and you can’t help the animal it could go badly wrong.

Now I hope you agree with me on why you shouldn’t test make-up on animals. It could badly injure them if you are not careful. So ask yourself this question if you were an animal and you had to be tested on how would you feel?

B.T.N-#11 Circus Animals-15/05/2012

Now if you’ve been to the circus before you will probably agree with me that most circus have animals in it, the main animals they have are Moneys and Lions some circuses even have ponies.

In this B.T.N video I watched it was a debate so why don’t we hear what they has to say. For: Jan says that at her circus all of the animals there are taken great care of by the staff. Against: Jess works for Animal Liberation and she says that they disagree the use of animals in any way that inhibits their ability to live their life naturally. So now I am going to tell you my opinion weather animals should or shouldn’t be in circus. Well I agree with Jess because the cages that the animals have to live in are very poor. Plus in the Lions cage there’s one rock and then grass so there isn’t muck to help keep the lions or other animals entertained. Came to think of it those animals are kept in poorly bad conditions each and every day for training and for the shows.

Now I hope you have seen my side the argument as well as Jan’s side. Even though you think animals are cute, cuddly and even used for entertainment well take a walk in their shoes. Ask yourself this Question, How would you feel if you were cute, cuddly and used to entertain people at a circus?

100WC-#14-prompt: a whistle blew and everyone disappeared

One day I went to an awesome theatre production called ‘The Sound of Music’. Half way through the production Maria went to a house to be seven children’s governess. The Dad Gaynor would call the kids using a whistle, each child had their own call on the whistle when Maria first arrived at their big, beautiful house she was greeted by Gaynor he went through some rules with Maria then called all of the seven kids with the whistle after he had introduced the kids with Maria a whistle blew and everyone disappeared quickly but quietly upstairs, to their rooms.

B.T.N #10- Cystic Fibrosis

I watched an article today called Cystic Fibrosis I learnt lots of different facts but I’m just going share 3 today. Do you know what Cystic Fibrosis is? There is one 13 year old girl named Zoe and she has CF she looks a bit like she is five years old when really she is eight years older. Zoe has to take a whole heap of medicine. If you don’t want to call it the full name you can just call it CF. Well Cystic Fibrosis is a sickness that you are born with and effects your lungs and something else in you called a pancreas that stores all your fat. Because of CF your lungs clog up with thick mucosey stuff. That makes it hard for you to breathe properly. It traps bacteria too, which means it’s more likely to get a bad infection. On top of that, your pancreas doesn’t do what it’s supposed to so you have to take medication to fix that each time you eat anything.

Where did Cystic Fibrosis get the name Cystic Fibrosis?

Exactly how much medicine would Zoe have to take day?

I wonder how long it will take to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis if they ever do find a cure.

Click here for all the information you want


One day I went to a big airport to fly to Japan. I was really hungry and felt like a bit of Japanese food to try before I went to Japan.  I found a big Japanese restaurant and sat down. Not long after that I got my meal I noticed, a brown, wooden park bench out the front of the restaurant.  On the bench was a man with a suitcase reading a book and an oldish looking statue with his arm over the park bench.  The statue was wearing a hat, blazer and a bow. It interned me so I went to take a photo with it.

100WC pic  #3