B.T.N #5-Science Kids-12/02/2013

In the article I watched today I learnt that science based on atoms, molecules etc. kids in year 10 through to year 12 are learning about science when a teacher how teaches at school in Brisbane used to work at a high school thought that maybe kids age 9 and 10 could understand science so he started to teach them and they understood it well. Atoms are the building block of the world there are a gazillion atoms everywhere you just can’t see them. The kid’s teacher Mr. Stuart says “never too young for big ideas in science.”

Will kids who liked science in primary school be bored in high school because they would have learnt it all? Why isn’t science necessary for younger kids?

I wonder why not all schools teach science.


If you want to watch the video just use this link: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3687421.htm

100WC #7-I put my hand in the box and felt

“Good morning Riley! It’s your birthday! Your presents are down stairs”

“What oh. On my way.”

So I came down stairs and saw a very square cube with neon Purple wrapping on it. I rushed strait to the box and ripped off all the wrapping and I put my hand in the box and felt a soft, fluffy, moving thing as opened the box so I could see in a little cream colored puppy popped its head out of the box. I picked up the puppy and said “I think I am going to name you…Mandy you cute little puppy.

B.T.N #4-Passing a Bill-23/08/2011


  1. Some bills don’t make it through when passing a bill
  2. If the bill goes through the House of Representatives successfully the bill moves on to the senate
  3. Government try to push more than just one bill through Parliament


  1. Why do the people change in the senate?
  2. Why is the Senate is called the senate?


  1. I wonder what it would be like if the House of Representatives was called the Senate



100WC #5-But the spot just grew and grew

“Mum I have an itchy spot on my arm. What is it?”

“Um, it looks like a mosquito bite. Go put some Stingoes on it Maya.”

“Ok Mum.”

So off I went I got some Stingoes on it.


“Hi Mum, it looks like that spot I was talking about instead of one I have around four”

“It’s like the spot just keeps on growing and growing. I’ll take you to the doctors to see.”


“It seems like it’s just Chicken Pocks. Keep applying this cream and they should go soon.” Said the doctor.

100wc #5

Prompt-5 words-Lie, Row,Fly,Chips,Sweet

As I lie in the exciting, loud park listening to some of my cool, funky music I start to feel a little bit hungry so I have a think about what I might want to eat for lunch. I decide on some Fish and Chips. I pack my things and walk down to the old boat house. I get my oars so I can row to the other side of the beach house and a little pesky fly comes out of no where and starts bugging me. When I pick up my Fish and Chips my Chips are very Sweet.