100WC#1-Dark Green Buliding

The dark green building was light up by one light, the dance studio one tall fluent dancer named Grace was practicing her solo for the upcoming competition, everyone was saying how likely it was that she would came in first place. When Grace finished up she went into the swimming pool room down the hall, all the girls in her sister Hannah’s swim team were all awesome swimmers. The owner of the swimming place Matt, said “does anyone know where any gas is I need it to start the BBQ?” Grace said almost immediately “it is in the cleaner’s cupboard!”

Application for S.R.C-2016

Hello my name is Jacinta, and I am here today to persuade you that I would love to be your new S.R.C representative for 5/6A 2016.  I am absolutely certain that you will love me as one of your two S.R.C representatives. I believe I have the abilities that a good S.R.C would need. I am sure that after I make my speech it will be quite an easy choice of who will be 5/6A’s new representative.

The strongest reason I should defiantly be a Student Representative for 5/6A would have to be, I am very organised and neat. I like to keep my desk, notebook and personal belongings organised. An advantage of being organised is I would be able to understand my notebook so that in the meetings when Jenny or who ever is running the meetings says “go to the page you did the blagh” on I wouldn’t be looking all over my notebook for it I would just know immediately where the page is. Another advantage of being organised is when I need to tell the class something about a fundraiser or something else like that all my sheets of paper will being in order, so that means I will not waste any class time.

Secondly I am a great group leader, and from what Ebony has told me “That there are around 6 groups in S.R.C.” I am pretty confident I can fit into one of those six groups. An advantage of being a good group leader is when I am in a group I can help someone who is finding the task a little bit hard, I am happy to help so that 2 or more people can get the work done.

Thirdly I am quite passionate for the school to become a better place, with nature, learning and fun, by helping it with new ideas. I am also happy to give up my lunch times to help make the school a better place to learn, laugh and play.

So they are all of my reasons for wanting to try out for S.R.C 2016, considering I have never down it before and like to try new things.



Buddy Letter

Dear Avery,

Hi, I am Jacinta I am 10 years old and I am in year 5. How old are you? My teacher is Jude. I am looking forward to spending a fun year together.

I enjoy Dancing and Gymnastics. I also quite like art, and decorating different things. What things do you enjoy?

 I am looking forward on getting to know you.

When I was in prep I had glasses too!!!

From your buddy


Letter to Jude (Teacher)

Dear Jude,

It is an honor to be in your class aging, I loved it when I was in your year 3/4c class in 2014 with you, and all the lovely other kids in the grade. Here are some of the reasons I loved it: 1. you talk about your personal life that is mostly connected to the topic. 2. You appreciate everyone’s level and so you then let us work in groups are face to face with you. 3. Your lovely joy and laughter is fun to have in the classroom. 4. I think that in year 3 I advanced the most with your helping and teaching.

Some of the things I am good at are social skills, art, P.E/sport, comprehension, and reading but with reading I would also like to improve a bit more. Other things I know I have room to improve in would have to be, my mathematic skills, Italian, writing, having a bit more confidence to just give it a go at it. My goal for 2016 is, to gain more confidence.

As you may not know my dad was born in Australia, but his parents were both born in Malta, along with is step Mum. Malta is a small country at the bottom of Italy and next to Sicily, the capital of Malta is Valletta. All of dads relatives still live in Malta. In the past 10 years he has only seen them 3 times and maybe 4 times quite soon.

But on the other hand Mum was born in Australia Echuca well as her Mum and Dad, except her Papa (Mums Grand Dad) were born in Wales in the U.K. And Mums great Aunt and my great, great Aunt turned 100 years old in 2015, last time I saw her she showed me her letter from the queen and governor general of Australia and his wife Lynne.

Christmas would probably have been one of the best things on the holiday, Santa even brought me a gymnastics bar to swing on a gymnastics mat, 10 books and more.

We started the day by opening all of our awesome presents, followed by finishing packing for Echuca and jumping in the car ready for a two and a half hour drive ahead of us. When we FINALLY arrived at our cousin’s house, we did presents under the small, fake, and decretive, Christmas tree at my cousin’s house and a big Christmas dinner, and to finish the lovely joyful exciting day off we went for a 45min swim in their pool.


One of my favourite things I did on the holidays would most definitely be when I was flower girl for my step cousin on my dad’s side. The wedding was wonderful, (except at the rehearsal I had a high temperature and vomited my medicine in the car). But all in all the wedding was a ball.

The holidays were the BEST FUN EVER, I hope you enjoyed my letter Jude and your exiting holidays.


Why You Would Vale you me in Your Class

Jude, some of the strong reasons I believe I should be in your class are, I am very organised, delightful, always willing to give a helping hand and try my best at all times.

Firstly one of my mane assets are being quite organised I am on time to all my classes, at school. At school my desk is hardly ever messy, that way I know where everything is. And l am on time for school nearly every day.

For my second point, I am a delightful, cheerful, intelligent 9 year old girl. If someone seems to look a bit upset I know that a bit happiness will always cheer them up by asking them if they would like some help or some company. So that way I can put a smile on their face, like mine.

Thirdly I am always willing to help out around the class room. So if at any time you need a helping hand I am happy to be of assistance, all you need to do is ask. I’ll even help someone do something hard for them but quite easy for me.

And lastly I absolutely adore trying new things and even try something that I assume might be a bit of a challenge for me. I never give up till I have the answer.

That is why I agree I should be in your class again Jude, because I am very organised, delightful, always willing to give a helping hand, and try my very best!

Written by Jacinta