Helping Verbs

Helping Verbs, Helping Verbs there are 23.

Am, is, are, was, and, where.

Being, Be and Been.


Has, have, had, do, dose, did.

Shall, will, should, and would.

There are 5 more helping verbs:

May, might, must, can, could!

Heat Song

Heat, heat you need it for life you need it to survive.

We need it to grow, we need it to show how heat works.

Heat is a temperature you can use Celsius and Fahrenheit from colour to colour, red to white.

Heat energy is what we need we have it in our lives from swimming to frying fires to heaters and sun to earth keep us warm in the terms.

All my best work Daily Dash #1

One wet stormy day I was sitting in class doing work, but everyone else was watching a movie. When suddenly BANG the power was out! It was pitch Black, but lucky I had a little torch in my pocket I took it out. (My Dad leant me the torch.) And continued writing that was all the light in the classroom. My teacher Jade came over to mean stater reading my work. “That I really nice work Chloe.”

And then the office lady Pam came round with a torch And said “School is over for the day” Everyone raced out of class. The very next day the power. And my hole class hat planned a Surprised party for my really good writing yesterday.