A Weekend withg Nanna-8th piece in 2014

By Jacinta


I hopped in the car as the car engine stared. Phew just made it into the car. As we stared off driving to Nannas for the weekend, I pulled out my book, (the book I was reading is called Tom Gates). Time raced as I was reading. We were nearly there so I put my book down, and just looked out the window in a flash we were there.

I raced to ring the doorbell, and to hug Nanna and Grandpa. I brought my bag to the door step I went in and put my bag near the stairs. Within in ten minutes Mum and Dad were gone bake home.

“Dinner time” Nanna called “yes” everyone in the house yelled. We had Chicken and vegetables. And it was bed time afterwards.

Everyone should learn to cook!-7th piece in 2014

By Jacinta

I strongly agree that everyone should learn to cook.


My first argument is that everyone should learn to cook so that in your family, you can tack it in turns with them and there will be different meals. That’s why I think everyone should learn to cook.


Secondly you can go out for dinner and get a different type of meal. Then ask a family member or you to cook it at home. For example my family went out for breakfast Mum had a cramped she loved it. So we made it for Mum in Bed on Mother’s Day. She really did like it. That is why I think everyone needs to cook.


Everyone needs to learn to COOK!

The Artic-6th piece in 2014

Written by Jacinta Manion


Welcome to the Artic! The name ‘Arctic’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘near the bear.


Let’s have chat about features. In the Artic it is mostly packed with the ocean and ice the Arctic is next to the north pole.

Living things:

In the Arctic it is very big rag of living  things. Plats and sea Animals. Like seals, poler, Krill, Puffins and lot’s of other including plants.

Climate /Temperature!

In the Arctic it is very cold the coldest it has ever got to is around -68 C.

Non Living things

In the Arctic there are a few non livings things.


That is all I have for you so I hope you learnt a lot about the Arctic.


The Arctic is a very large place right next to the north pole.


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A Present-5th piece in 2014

By Jacinta

“Time to go to bed Jacinta ‘Mum yelled

“Fine , Fine,  Fine I’ll go to bed I replied

“Good because Santa will be here soon Ebony is already asleep” Mum said. So I did, I went to sleep.

When I woke up I ran down sties and with my own eyes I saw a sack filed to the top whit gifts.

I opened them all my favourite would probably be I pad mini I got I was thrilled with happens.

I went to put it on the couch while I was getting a drink. I went back to it (to play a game.) IT WAS GONE! I ran and asked Mum she didn’t now, I was so upset.

When Dad and Ebony got home I (from doing the shopping) I asked them do none were I Pad Mini is.

“Well I did go and put it in the pantry.” I ran and had a look it was there. I ran and gave dad a big hug and said “thank you thank you thank you” I was so happy! (And that night I even slept with it.)

Autobioography-4th piece in 2014

                             By Jacinta

Hi my name is Jacinta. I have one little twin sister named Ebony. Ebony is only two minutes younger than me. I also have a Mum named Leah, and a Dad named Kevin.  Oh and I definitely must not forget my dogs two Dogs named Jed and Buster.  They are Board-of-collie-cross-calipees.


I do lots of different actives and here are some of them Tennis. One of my favourite activities is tennis. The reason why I like tennis the most is because I like the games, Beet the Wizard, Schools and Crazy tennis. My couch is Leanna, she is great.

Here are some more I also do Dancing. The dances I do are Tap, Jazz and Ballet. Next year I am starting Hip Hop. I am so excited.

This is the last actives I do it is gymnastics. My couches are Matt and Jade. They are both very good teachers  I love gymnastics more than anything.


My favourite movie is Mamma Mia. I have watched it about 10 times on my I Pad m


Easter with my Family -3rd piece in 2014

By Jacinta Manion

We are at a caravan park . We were there with our family and friends.

“Hi” I yelled to Jared and Alisha as they were walking towards me.

“Jacinta,” Mum yelled.

“What!” I yelled.

She replied, “Can you come and get this meat, and bring it to Vic to cook on the BQQ?”

“Coming,” I replied to Mum.

I went to the Kitchen. I got the meat and raced to the B.B.Q on my bike.

Just as I dropped off the meat Alisha and Adam arrived. I ran start to them I gave them a hag.

Then I went onto the jumping pile with Ebony, Talia, Dad and Jared. Dad, Talia and Jared bounced Ebony and I up really high I bounced so high I did a half flip backwards and twisted my ankle I was crying so much that I went to put my shoes on .

I ran into Mum and Dad’s bedroom and watched “Dance Academy” for about half an hour. Than I   went to have a snack and get the go carts have lunch and go for a swim. I had a swim then I had shower and did some looms and said goodbye to everyone.

Written by Jacinta

Edited By Jude

Cork Scramble 2nd piece in 2014

By Jainta Manion


“Come on Juliet It’s time for the Cork Scrabel?”

“Do you want to Juliet.”

“Of course I do.Do you!.”

“yes I do”

“Let’s go hofuly we win” ( I wesped to Julet)

“ok but I don’t think so”(she wesped back)

We got in and sperd out  most of the korks.We put them in our buket ( our

buket was green Lorsen) But we come second. All well alllest we

tryed.(I felt novers I was out of breth I conted about 28 I tryed my best I had lot’s of fun.)

“I love the swiwwing sports”said Jacinta.

“It’s time for free time let’s go” said Juliet.We got in and our friend Isabella asked us if we could help her pik up some can top’s.We had shach a good time.

When we got back to school it was time for Ascebely Lorsen come sendend.We tryed to win!

So in the end lorsen did try thire best .

The Star Wheel 1st piece in 2014

By Jacinta Manion

YAH! My cousins are here.

“Are you ready to go on the Star wheel? I am!” said Jacinta.

“I am so ready I bet you I more excited.” said Mia.

“Cool.” they both said together.

“Can we go now?” said Mia.

“Sure.” Dale said.

So they got into the cars and left (they had a race. The kids and dads WON!)The mums took forever. We all started walking to the wheel. Half way there, we had two photos in front of the wheel. Then we finally got on. The wheel was so slow. It takes about 45 minutes.(when we were about to hop off we puled faces to the lady how would help as get off get as off )  When we got off we went to the star wheel shop. There was a LEGO OF THE STAR WHEEL.  If you pressed a red button it moved.

“It was so cool I loved it.”

What I most liked was probably everything. Then we left and went out for dinner at the Moreland Hotel. My Mum was speeding, luckily the police didn’t catch her. All the girl kids had Nuggets and chips my sister and I did Karaoke, it was the best fun ever. After that we went home and we had a little snack before we went to bed. We took pictures of ourselves in the car.